The City of Lambertville is excited to announce its first step in a potential new shared service partnership with Flemington Borough through the Business Administrator (BA) role.  Lambertville will act as the lead agency in the search, selection, and employment of the Business Administrator and this new shared service.  The two municipalities will enjoy the benefit of an experienced professional in the BA role as well as reduced costs by sharing the related expense.

“I am committed, as a leader in my community, to ensure that the City is equipped for its future.  I believe that a Business Administrator is absolutely mission critical for the long-term success and financial stability of the City.  With the creation of this shared service, our City will be able to afford the professional Business Administrator it deserves, while creating cost-cutting efficiencies. I’m proud to partner with our friends in Flemington on this endeavor,” says Mayor Fahl.

In a continued effort to support a cost savings agenda, Mayor Fahl initiated discussion with Flemington Borough in order to achieve both the goal of better financial leadership and strategic planning.

"While this is only the initial step in this process, I know Mayor Driver and the Flemington Borough Council share the same commitment in responsible and professional city management, which is why both our municipalities created this position for the first time over the past year.  I am thrilled to begin what is hopefully a successful, long-term partnership," said Mayor Fahl.

The proposed shared service will be discussed by the City’s Governing Body at the September 1st Working Session, with voting and final decisions to be made at later date.