The Office of the City Business Administrator was created in 2019 by Mayor Julia Fahl and the City Council. The first individual to serve in the capacity as the City Business Administrator is Alex Torpey.

The City Business Administrator, under the direction of the Mayor, is the chief administrative, operations, and personnel manager for the City, responsible for the City’s day to day operations. Their duties include:

  • Serving as the City’s Purchasing Agent and manager/internal auditor of bills, procurement, and all aspects of the City’s Finance Department
  • Preparing, managing, and advising the Mayor and City Council on the City’s budget and finances 
  • Study, prepare, and implement recommendations regarding the operations or administration of the City Government 
  • Investigate, manage, and resolve the affairs of the municipality or complaints registered by members of the public 
  • Personnel and human resources related responsibilities, including the hiring, firing, promotion, or demotion of various City employees
  • Liaise and work with outside entities and governments 
  • Prepare, submit, and manage grant applications 

You can find Ordinance 03-2019 here, which is the ordinance that establishes this position.