The Shade Tree Commission is responsible for the proper maintenance of trees located along the City’s streets and highways. Property owners may consult with the Commission prior to the planting of any street trees to ensure the selection of species which will provide maximum enjoyment while minimizing the potential impact on overhead power lines or underground water, natural gas, and sewer connections. Property owners are required to submit a Tree Action Request form to the Commission prior to planting, removal, or maintenance of any street trees.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Phillip L. Pittore Justice Center, 25 South Union Street, Lambertville. For more information contact Brian Herzhauser 908-797-1036.

What you Need to Know Acts Requiring Permission from the Shade Tree Commission. 
No person shall do, or cause to be done any of the following acts upon a street within the City of Lambertville without the written permit of the Shade Tree Commission:

Plant shade or ornamental trees and shrubbery.

Cut, trim, break, climb with spikes, disturb the roots of, or otherwise injure, or spray with any chemical, or remove any living shade or ornamental tree or shrub, or injure, misuse or remove any structure or device placed to support or protect such shade or ornamental tree or shrub.

Fasten any rope, wire, electric attachment, sign or other device to a shade or ornamental tree or shrub or to place any guard about such shade or ornamental tree or shrub.

Close or obstruct any open space provided about the base of a shade or ornamental tree or shrub to permit the access of air, water or fertilizer to the roots of such shade or ornamental tree or shrub.

Pile any building material, or make any mortar or cement within six (6’) feet of a shade or ornamental tree or shrub. 

Protection of Trees and Shrubs from Wires. 
Any person having control over any wire for the transmission of electric current or telephone or telegraph service along a public street shall at all times guard all shade and ornamental trees and shrubs through which such wires pass against any injury from the wires or from the current carried by them, the device or means used shall be subject to the approval of the Shade Tree Commission.  (Ord. 9/21/53, paragraph 4)

Protection of Trees and Shrubs from Injurious Chemicals. 
No person shall permit any brine, gas or injurious chemicals to come in contact with the stem or roots of any shade or ornamental tree or shrub upon a public street.  (Ord. 9/21/53, paragraph 5)

Interference with Shade Tree Commission Prohibited. 
No person shall prevent, delay or interfere with any lawful work undertaken by the Shade Tree Commission or its authorized agent.  (Ord. 9/21/53, paragraph 7)

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be liable to the penalty for each and every such violation to be recovered as provided by law.

please contact the City of Lambertville prior to commencing any regulated activity on a street tree.