The Lambertville Construction Office is responsible for construction permits, inspections, and code compliance as required by the State of New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards and the City.  In this area, most of the requirements are state requirements, but the State Historical Commission and D & R Canal Commission do have broad jurisdiction over exterior improvements and often must pre-approve projects before a permit can be issued. In addition, your construction project may require the approval of the Historic Preservation Commission

Our goals are to ensure safety for our residents and to provide high-quality customer service so that people seeking to improve their properties or expand their businesses can proceed expeditiously, while meeting all legal obligations.

Generally speaking, permits are needed for all construction improvements, except for ordinary maintenance .   We highly recommend that you contact us before beginning any project, so we can walk you through, what permits and other approvals will be required. We have also created this detailed list with a walkthrough of what permits you may need to get and links to them, to help anyone get started. 

The office is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our inspectors are available at various hours Monday through Thursday. Please call (609) 397-0803 with any questions you may have about permits.

Generator Installation Requirements