Lambertville is home to many small parks which have a large impact on our community, providing places for families to play and for the City to celebrate nature and its rich history.

Ely Field
The City’s largest park gifted to the City by the Closson Family, Ely Field is located at the base of Music Mountain, and spans from Jefferson Street to the Lambertville Public School. The park consists of two baseball fields, an 80-yard football field, meeting pavilion, playground, basketball court, and also houses the Lambertville Public School’s Learning Garden. Ely Field is home to the Lambertville Ramblers youth football team, and provides fields for the Lambertville-West Amwell Youth Baseball & Softball Association.

Cavallo Park
One of the City’s most-cherished parks, Cavallo Park is home to the largest playground space in Lambertville, as well as a newly build pavilion with an outdoor fireplace. The park was refurbished through loans and grant funding provided by the State of New Jersey Green Acres and by Geoffrey Cook, cofounder of myYearbook.  The park was rededicated in 2016. Cavallo Park is located at the intersection of Mouth Hope and South Union Streets.

Read all about it at Playground Bustles Again, by Sallie Graziano for NJ.Com.

Mary Sheridan Park
Tucked among historic homes on York Street is Mary Sheridan Park, first established following the Civil War as the home for the City’s monument to its fallen Union soldiers. The park is home to a large gazebo which also serves as the focal point for Lambertville’s annual Memorial Day commemoration. The park is lined with garden space and benches for enjoyment.

Arnett Park
Arnett Park is a charming pocket park located on Hancock Street within the City’s border with West Amwell Township on Connaught Hill. 

North Union Street Park
Located at the intersection of Cherry and North Union Streets, the City currently is constructing new park on a one-acre parcel that previously had been planned for residential development. The new park will include rain gardens to improve drainage, a lawn for public enjoyment,  new trees, and sidewalk and curbing.

D&R Canal
Located parallel to the Delaware River is the Delaware and Raritan Feeder Canal, which runs the entire length of the City and provides space for walking, bicycling, and running. The canal was constructed in the 1830’s providing the factories of Lambertville access to markets located along the Delaware River. Its use as a commercial waterway ended with the appearance of the railroads. The park was created in 1974 and is managed by the State of New Jersey. For more information on the D&R Canal Park, Click Here

Lambertville Nature Trail
Located on the hills above Ely Field is the Lambertville Nature Trail. Originally built by the local Boy Scouts, it winds through woodlands purchased by the City and preserved as open space. The trail can be accessed at Alexander and Perry Roads, and terminates at upper York Street.

State Parks & Forests

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