The Local Economic Assistance Board serves as a liaison for residents with public assistance programs at the county and state level. The Director holds regular office hours at City Hall to meet with individuals on a case-by-case basis to identify proper programs for which they may qualify.

Hunterdon County Department of Human Services Division of Social Services

The Division provides information and referral, advocacy and crisis intervention services to residents based on financial eligibility and the availability of funding. For a complete listing of programs and assistance provided by the county, please click here.

Special Fund for Persons with a Permanent Disability

This fund is for the purchasing of non-food items necessary to address basic needs, not available from other sources, and related to a disability. There is a $500 calendar year maximum.

Senior Citizen Emergency Program

The Division receives funding from the Hunterdon County Division of Senior Services to assist seniors with emergencies related to housing, medical care and transportation.

Temporary Emergency Medication Program (TEMP)

County funded program to provide temporary emergency medications for qualified individuals.

Work First NJ/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (WFNJ/TANF) 

WFNJ/TANF temporary financial assistance is provided on a temporary basis to parent(s) with eligible child(ren) while the individual(s) seek economic self-sufficiency.

TANF is limited to a lifetime maximum of 60 cumulative months. To assist families with the transition to employment, the following supportive services are available:
  • Child Care Services
  • 24 month Medicaid Extension
  • Payment of Certain Work Expenses
  • Supplemental Work Support Program
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Federal/State Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Child Support Services
  • Career Advancement Voucher Program
  • Early Employment Initiative (EEI)
  • Paycheck Plus
  • TANF Initiative For Parents (TIP)

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