The Public Works Department does the hard work required to maintain and upgrade Lambertville’s infrastructure, keeping the City’s physical appearance beautiful and doing it in an environmentally-friendly way. This includes maintaining roads, storm sewers and parks, clearing snow and assisting during storms and flooding. 

The Department operates the successful City recycling programs-both single-stream and the Sparkle Week.  In addition the department operates the Third Can Program.

The Third Can Program was put forward by our Environmental Commission because they recognized that food waste comprises 15% of the city’s waste stream. 

In only its second year of operation, area restaurants and Lambertville Public School began to participate, resulting in a 454% increase in the amount of food waste recycled.  

Combining our successful recycling programs, our residents and business in our city have removed more than1,000 tons each year from the waste stream.  This commitment is saving substantial sums of dollars while protecting the health and welfare of our environment.    

For information on the Hunterdon County Hazardous Waste Clean-up Programs, please click here.

 Recycling FAQs

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