There are two different projects that the City is not doing, but which will temporarily impact traffic on Bridge Street and which we wanted to communicate to the public so everyone is aware of the upcoming traffic changes and work being done. 

First, is that the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission will be doing work on the Lambertville-New Free Bridge.  The following work will take place:

  • Patch and recoat the curbing and deteriorating masonry retaining walls at the bridge’s Pennsylvania approach (IMPORTANT – See travel impacts below for both NJ-bound motorists and bridge walkway users.);
  • Repair/replace portions of the New Jersey approach curbing;
  • Reconfigure the curb return at the northwest corner of Bridge Street and Lambert Lane in New Jersey and install an ADA-compliant curb return; and
  • Mill and repave the Commission’s asphalt approach on the New Jersey side, ending at the current Bridge Street/Lambert Lane seam line (the Pennsylvania side was repaved more recently and does not warrant replacement).

Travel impacts: Access to and from the bridge’s walkway on the Pennsylvania side will be diverted into the NJ-bound approach roadway, which will be closed to vehicular traffic and cordoned off from PA-bound traffic with temporary concrete barriers.  This temporary configuration is expected to last 12 days, including one weekend.  New Jersey-bound traffic will be diverted during this time to the nearby New Hope-Lambertville (Route 202) Toll Bridge (non-toll direction).  Flagger-controlled alternating single-lane travel for motor vehicles when milling and repaving takes place on the bridge’s New Jersey side.

Second, is that the New Jersey Department of Transportation is requiring the Black River & Western Railroad to remove the rails from the Bridge Street crossing temporarily.  The New Jersey Department of Transportation has determined the rails are no longer secure in the pavement and are a danger to the passing pedestrians and vehicles.  The construction is to take place on Monday June 8, 2020 from 7am to 5pm. Construction is planned for one day; however, if a second day is needed, June 9, 2020 will be added. Traffic may be delayed during this time period, with alternating travel lanes being available. Although the City’s Engineers sent a letter objecting to the work being done in this was now, and asking that something more temporary be done until the repair of the Bridge was made, the NJ DOT decided to move forward now on requiring the repair.