The Third Can Program, started in March of 2014, was put forward by our Environmental Commission because they recognized that food waste comprises 15% of the City’s waste stream. In only its second year of operation, area restaurants and Lambertville Public School began to participate, resulting in a 454% increase in the amount of food waste recycled.  Combined with our successful single-stream recycling program, which removes more than 1,000 tons each year from the waste stream, tackling food waste through the Third Can Program is saving substantial money and protecting our environment.   We look forward to expanding participation further in the coming year.

If you are interested in signing up for the Third Can Recycling Program, please complete the form: Third Can Program and submit your check in the amount of $45!

As of the summer 2019, the City is not accepting new applications until a new Third Can program is created, which we expect to Summer 2020.