The City of Lambertville today announced that they will not renew the contract of Alex Torpey.  The City has been reviewing the salaries and wages of all City staff, including professional contracts up for renewal. The City will begin the search for a new Business Administrator and anticipates making a decision on his replacement in the coming months

“When I assumed office in January of 2019, it quickly became apparent to me that a great deal of the financial burden that our City now shoulders was a direct result of a lack of attention. As I benchmarked our City to other successful municipalities in New Jersey, there was no doubt that the presence of a Business Administrator was a critical success factor,” says Mayor Fahl. “Financial stability is our top priority. The City has decided to seek a new Business Administrator who will be a better fit for our unique place and our unique situation.”

The Business Administrator role, which was introduced as a permanent fixture of the City’s leadership team in May of 2019, provides critical oversight to the day-to-day business of the City. In the past year alone, the actions performed in this position provided savings to the City in excess of $1 million with future additional money saved, year over year, from those continued found efficiencies.

"It is my strong belief that elected officials should, above all things, maintain as much transparency as possible with their constituents; this is something I strive for every day.  I'm proud of the progress we've made, and I believe a good deal of that progress can be attributed to the creation of the Business Administrator role,” says Mayor Fahl.  “Notwithstanding, full transparency comes with a front-row seat to both our successes and our lessons.  While I believe in this position, it is apparent that the fit was not right for our City.”

The City of Lambertville will continue to operate with a commitment to full transparency, including effective and proactive communication with its residents as it searches for a new Business Administrator efficient in the needs, challenges, and design of a City like Lambertville.