This update is brought to you by The Lambertivlle City Committee Against the PennEast Pipeline.

In August, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection received, again, an application for a freshwater wetlands permit from PennEast. This application was deemed administratively incomplete and in early September, PennEast was given 30 days to submit the updated information.

The Hunterdon County Freeholders also passed a resolution opposing the freshwater wetlands permit application from PennEast, indicating it was not in the public interest.

Then September 10th, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that PennEast can not take State owned lands by eminent domain. This development brings uncertainty to the future of PennEast, given the route in NJ had 40 parcels of State land that were preserved using tax dollars. Our committee hosted a session where attendees could write thank you post cards to NJ Attorney General Grewal and Governor Murphy for defending State preserved lands against the PennEast pipeline.

PennEast is STILL NOT APPROVED! We continue to oppose this unneeded and unwanted pipeline.

Stay tuned for further developments and join the City Committee on November 18th 7-8:30PM at the Justice Center for an update with invited speaker Maya Van Rossum from Delaware Riverkeeper.