The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is one of joyous times of the year. Unfortunately, this time of year also brings out the thieves, robbers and crooks.

Of course not only storeowners need to be concerned about thefts during the holiday season. Thieves also take advantage of the crowds, parties and holiday cheer by surreptitiously entering businesses, or homes to steal cash, property and personal property when an employee or homeowner is distracted by a team of thieves.

The thieves blend in and act like delivery people, or customers. They stroll around the store looking for an opportunity, like an unattended handbag, laptop computer, or an unlocked display case. While business owners and their employees are dealing with customers and well-wishers, the thieves are stealing whatever valuables they can slip into their coats or a shopping bag.

Be aware and be alert is the best advice. Be aware that there are thieves out there and they commit crimes during the holiday seasons. Be alert to suspicious behavior. Be aware of your business or home.

If you see any suspicious activity or behavior please contact this agency, 609-397-3132. This agency has increased patrols in the business district and residential area for the holiday season. Have a happy and safe holiday.