Lambertville residents will celebrate their annual “Sparkle Week” over the course of the second and third weeks of May.

“Spanning more than 50 years, Sparkle Week has grown from just being a bulk-trash pickup into the ultimate recycling and 'up-cycling' event,” said Mayor David DelVecchio.

Sparkle Week
Sparkle Week predates the1960’s, when Lambertville residents would put out their bulk trash in events dubbed “Operation Sparkle.” Over time, it has become a community-wide event, with residents and visitors claiming discarded items that may still have usable life.

Once again, the City will partner with Goodwill to pick up and recycle electronics, furniture, and other items in resale condition. Full compliance of the following list is required:

Scheduled pick-up dates are:
The public works department will pick up trash on the regularly scheduled pick-up day for each zone. Please do not place additional items to the curb once all other garbage has been collected.