Thursday 3/8/18 at 04:00 pm: York Street by Route 179 is closed. The Tax Collector will not be in the office tonight because of the weather. As we posted last night, there is no garbage and recycling pick-up today (3/8/18). Public Works will be picking up garbage and recycling tomorrow for those on the Friday schedule only. There remain 17 residences without power

Previous update - 3/7/18 at 07:30 pm:

New Power Outages and Storm Conditions- Updated.

The South end of town is now without power. Updated restoration information and the total number of affected residents may be found on the JCP&L Website. Trees have fallen on power lines on Swan St. This has all been reported to JCP& L, but given the storm, fixes may take a while. If possible, shelter in place. Road conditions are dangerous. The Library will be available this evening, Wednesday, March 7 as a warming center and charging station until its closing time of 9:00 PM.

Previous update - 3/7/18 at 12:00pm:

There are 9 residences in the City who remain without power, according to JCP&L. We continue to monitor today's storm and are in close contact with all the relevant agencies and utilities.

Previous update - 3/5/2018 - 2:00pm
For information from the Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety, please visit their website. Hunterdon County is opening a Shelter at 5:00 PM Sunday. It is located at the Riegel Ridge Community Center, 910 Milford Rd. in Holland. If you are going to temporarily relocate there remember to bring all necessary hygiene items and medications. if you have any questions, call the Hunterdon County Helpline at 788-4357.  JCP&L Has updated their estimated restoration time to Tuesday 3/7/18 at 11:30 pm. As of Tuesday, 3/7/18 at 10:00 am, there are 171 Lambertville customers without power. 

Previous update - 3/3/2018 - 7:00pm
The Lambertville Public Library will be open Sunday 3/4/18 from 12:00 noon - 5:00pm to serve as a charging location for electronic devices. Please be sure to bring your own charger.

Previous Update - 3/3/2018 - 03:00pm

 continues to work to restore power. There are still 522 City residents without it and we don't have as of yet an estimated time for it to be restored. And there are still road closures in the local area. The Northern part of the County was even harder hit with more than 80 road closures and widespread power outages.

Mayor Del Vecchio and the OEO Coordinator continue to monitor the situation and we will provide updates if and when we have them, Please use caution when driving.

Please monitor both this website and The City of Lambertville's Facebook page for updated information

Previous Update - 3/3/2018 - 09:30am
The Lambertville Public Library will be open from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 3/3/18 to serve as a charging location for electronic devices and warming station. Please be sure to bring your own charger. For power outage information, please visit the JCP&L website .