1. Persons other than Councilmembers may be permitted to address the Council in the proper order of business. A person present may, upon recognition by the chair, be heard in the order of petitions of citizenry and public discussion. A person present may, upon recognition by the chair and with the consent of a majority of the Councilmembers present, be heard at any other time. No person shall address any remark or question to any specific Councilmember nor to any other person present except by permission of the majority of the Council. A Councilmember may, through the chair, respond to any communication or address received pursuant to this section.

2. Except upon consent of the Council, each person addressing the Council pursuant to this section shall be required to limit his remarks to five (5) minutes and shall at no time engage in any personally offensive or abusive remarks. The chair shall call any speaker to order who violates any provision of this rule.